Ashes to ashes,

nicotine runs through your veins.

Ashes to ashes,

another bowl smoked.

Ashes, so many ashes!

Our love was like a wildfire, never seems like the flame will go out.

Until everything turns to ashes.

Burnt into rubbish and to be left in ancient history.

I don’t want to be another someone,

I want to be another somebody.

To be known and extraordinary, just keep pushing and always do what fills your soul.

You will achieve your dreams if you truly want it.

Be someone you never thought you would be able to be,

Be the example that even when life almost takes your last breath you can still get up and keep winning.

But do not lose yourself along the way, stay true to you.

Aspire to be the person you never thought you’d be able to be,

Aspire to love yourself and the life you have built around you.

Always remember it is never done being built, your life is a city and whether it’s a small village or a major state is up to you, it’s up to what you want to build and create in your life.

Some are happy with a small village but for people who crave to be better they want that city full of lights, but you will only get there if you realize that YOU are the one that will be building it.

Everything you do builds you city to one day be weak or strong, big or small. But like any real city they are never the same, like our lives are never the same as anyone else’s.

You can learn something from everyone you meet.

Everyone has a different perception of life, aswell as different views on conflict.

You learn something new from each person.

Learn to love and hate differently without changing yourself,

you form into those around you, catching on to the traits they carry, becoming a piece of each other.

You are who you hangout with.

I never believed this quote, but it is very true, you always become each other.

You mold and change, we all change everyday, some for the good and others for the bad.

You will never be the same person you were yesterday, and who you are today will not be who you are tomorrow.

This is how we as humans grow and prosper.

Learn from not only your mistakes but from the ones around you.

Take something from everything.

There is prosperity in the things you enjoy, every person has fascinating differences in what they enjoy.

Some enjoy tattoo’s and deadly mystery books,

While others have the pleasure of enjoying fishing, and taking joy in laughing all night by a bonfire.

The ironic part of that is the same one person can enjoy all four of those things or they could hate them all but the combinations are endless.

I believe with all my soul that no two people have all of the same enjoyments or even hobbies; yes, things will be common but never the same, there is always going to be something that causes you to want to yell.

Even as simple as country music or they way they cook.

Just because you don’t like it, does not mean they can’t.

There is prosperity in acceptance.

My finger tips gliding ever so slightly on your arm,

you snore and roll over but I don’t disturb you enough to wake you,

playing a quiet hum of indie music as the smell of fresh made coffee lingers.

The suns shining and drying up all the dew, everything  seems calm in the world,

Walking outside, everything feels and smells fresh,

“flick,”  a flame comes out of the lighter and I light my smoke,

inhaling long to get that first dose of nicotine with my coffee.

Feeling it relax me, I exhale.

“Today’s a new day, lets do something,” I say to myself,

enter each day with the thought that its a new beginning because it is.

Sipping my coffee as the birds sing a song, and squirrels are running across the fences,

You come out and sit beside me and say,

“Today’s another new beginning will you start it with me?”