The Things You Can Never Say

Writing to intrigue the minds of the things you can never say

Take me away.

Take me to a place where I can hear to beauty,

A place where I can feel the nature,

When the Mornings are crisp but the coffee is hot.

A beautiful view to let all my anxieties away into…

I want to wander through the trees and listen to the birds chiming in harmony.

Why care about everything else?

Why do all of ‘them’ matter?

Wake up.

Take a reality check.

Find peace in yourself and your surroundings, put your toes in the stream and let your problems float away.

I need a place where i can finally breathe.

“Why do you cry when you look at me?”

“But then on others you laugh.”

Its dark again.. I’m put away

I cry for you from this dark hole, but you just turn me off.

Why is that?


“Yay, light!”

I’m so happy to see you, but you give me a quick look and I’m back in that dark place.

Crying, and crying just begging to feel wanted, wanting to feel useful.

Yet, all you do is silence my cries.


You finally hold me, but then moments later you’re screaming, or you’re crying,

Do I only make you that way?


I’m in that dark place again.


Suddenly, I feel your hand grip me,

But it’s still dark…


I start crying for you,

You answer with a loud cry followed by, “I’m done,”

Then in a flash I was tumbling into the river only to lose sight and seize.


You may try and soak my wounds but I’ll never be the same again.

Doesn’t it seem so pointless to try so hard for something that means nothing to you?

What if you’re forced to learn it?

Just believe there is a reason for it, even if it means you’re lying to yourself, force yourself to believe its useful and always put your best into it because even when it may feel un-noticed, someone always sees.

You never go un-noticed.

Things bloom and grow out of nowhere.

That place that you thought everything was brittle and dead, is now flourishing with the most beautiful flowers.

All of the sudden things have been nourished and loved .

But what if you decided to leave when things seemed to be dead and brittle? Can you just come back and take credit for all the hard work thats been done?


You can’t just leave for the bad and come back expecting to see the good.

“An analogy on my life.”

So many fixations for the little things,

fixations on death as well as afterlife.

What are the stages we may or may not go through after death.

What if life never truly ends?

Do you just die and come right back?

Fixed on believing that after this life you will move on to something better,

Something without all of the pain and growing.

You’ll go here if you’ve worked hard and made your dreams a reality.

Maybe that’s why no one truly says what happens after we die.

maybe “they know”

Not everyone is treated fairly, if you haven’t completed what you’re supposed to in your first life then maybe you’ll end up back here again.

I find this is why we as humans should always try our best, because you never know whats coming.

Trying your best may just be enough to succeed.