The Things You Can Never Say

Writing to intrigue the minds of the things you can never say

My finger tips gliding ever so slightly on your arm,

you snore and roll over but I don’t disturb you enough to wake you,

playing a quiet hum of indie music as the smell of fresh made coffee lingers.

The suns shining and drying up all the dew, everything  seems calm in the world,

Walking outside, everything feels and smells fresh,

“flick,”  a flame comes out of the lighter and I light my smoke,

inhaling long to get that first dose of nicotine with my coffee.

Feeling it relax me, I exhale.

“Today’s a new day, lets do something,” I say to myself,

enter each day with the thought that its a new beginning because it is.

Sipping my coffee as the birds sing a song, and squirrels are running across the fences,

You come out and sit beside me and say,

“Today’s another new beginning will you start it with me?”


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