The Things You Can Never Say

Writing to intrigue the minds of the things you can never say

It is very weird being the person who wants to fit in and get along with everybody but also being the type of person who wants the proper people in their life.

Wanting to try and help everyone while still helping yourself is impossible no matter how bad you want to do it.

You can’t fix everybody and thats such a hard thing to learn and an even harder thing to actually follow.

Trying to pick who is going to be a positive or negative influence on your life is hard, and all you can truly do is follow what you think is best and just hope that it works out.

Not everything will work out like you want it too, frankly most things don’t turn out the way you thought they would. Sometimes they end up even better then you ever thought, or it could come crashing down on you.

There is no true way of knowing.

Put faith in yourself and just keep going!

Even when things seem to take a complete wrong turn, never try and go back, just follow your path and new things will always arise.

This is life.

This is what everyone should know.

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