The Things You Can Never Say

Writing to intrigue the minds of the things you can never say

“Why do you cry when you look at me?”

“But then on others you laugh.”

Its dark again.. I’m put away

I cry for you from this dark hole, but you just turn me off.

Why is that?


“Yay, light!”

I’m so happy to see you, but you give me a quick look and I’m back in that dark place.

Crying, and crying just begging to feel wanted, wanting to feel useful.

Yet, all you do is silence my cries.


You finally hold me, but then moments later you’re screaming, or you’re crying,

Do I only make you that way?


I’m in that dark place again.


Suddenly, I feel your hand grip me,

But it’s still dark…


I start crying for you,

You answer with a loud cry followed by, “I’m done,”

Then in a flash I was tumbling into the river only to lose sight and seize.


You may try and soak my wounds but I’ll never be the same again.

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